Thursday, February 4, 2010

Here We Go!

This morning, in the midst of other details and phone calls, I received a call from my wife. She was violently calm. She had just been told that there was a strong chance that our embassy date would be moved up by two weeks. (We are adopting two little girls from Ethiopia). "Should I buy tickets?"

I reminded her that we needed to have confirmation that our embassy date was in fact moved before rescheduling and buying airplane tickets. Many promises are made in the adoption process. About 20 minutes later, she called back. The new embassy date was confirmed. I was assigned the task of contacting the place of lodging there to move the date. Marty was assigned the task of rescheduling airline tickets and confirming one of the girl's birthdate.

By 3 this afternoon, everything is in place. Our good friend Lisa who is traveling with Marty is still able to go with Marty.

So, even though we have two fewer weeks to prepare, Marty is going to be back home with the girls before she would have even left.

Still, I am parenting for 10 days alone. Well, actually, Sponge Bob and McDonalds will be parenting for 10 days!


DT said...

That Sponge Bob guy looks like he has been parenting with McDonald for some time now.

Christopher Swenke said...

Congratulations Joel! I'm happy for you and your expanding family.

Talitha said...

Have a fun time with Spongebob and McDonalds!