Wednesday, September 17, 2008

100 Miles & Meals for Children

100 miles...
Two previous attempts at the Leadville 100 Trail Race.  But that's at 10,000 ft, and lots of climbing.  

Oct. 4  50 miles in Wisconsin on the Ice Age Trail
Oct 5   24 miles to Minneapolis
    26.2 miles in the Twin Cities Marathon

... to see if I can do it; to raise money for a great charity.

I asked my children what charities.  They immediately said Loose Change to Loosen Chains15 year old Zach Hunter's organization to end modern-day slavery and Feed My Starving Children.  Both of these organizations are "powered" by teenagers, a growing phenomena encouraged and championed by teenagers Brett and Alex Harris.

We chose Feed My Starving Children, right here in the Twin Cities.  FMSC assembles meals for starving children for 17¢/meal.  

Can you help? Do you want to donate a dollar, 20¢ per mile or a lump sum?  If so, please let me know the amount.  Once I'm done, whatever is left of me will contact you.  You can either send donations to me to pass on or directly to FMSC (see their website).


David Ray said...

I can spare some cash to feed those that need it. Get in touch. And good luck with the run series! Whatever happened with that bar exam, anyway?

David Ray said...

Okay, I'm in for $25 online with FMSC. Run well.

Steve said...

Good luck, Joel! It was awesome getting to meet and run with you yesterday at P.H.O.U.R. I hope that cramp worked itself out and you made it through the first 50 of your 100-mile journey.